Most Anticipated Cardano NFT Project: Forms a Strategic Partnership with ADAX

2 min readMay 24, 2022

Even though we have hosted many successful projects from the NFT space on our launchpad recently, nothing comes close to, an up-and-coming decentralized creative realm for artists and collectors. This one is by far the most anticipated project of the year. With an outstanding brand, a seasoned team, and an ambitious roadmap — is everything ADAX looks for when selecting new projects to onboard.

That is why we are enormously excited to announce that ADAX has secured a strategic partnership with This momentous agreement undoubtedly marks the beginning of a fruitful collaboration focused on exploring the synergies that could help make a long-lasting impact on the emerging Cardano NFT ecosystem.

Although some still believe that NFTs are just “JPEGs with bragging rights”, more senior art dealers now agree that they hold enormous potential to radically reshape the increasingly digital trajectory of art. is facilitating the transition to the so-called ‘Digital Renaissance’, providing professional, 360° degree NFT support, including minting, collecting, trading and staking services. ecosystem is also completely non-custodial, ensuring that patrons and artists are connected in a completely decentralized and frictionless environment.

As part of this exclusive partnership, has agreed to provide the ADAX community with early access to EGO tokens during the private sale stage. ADAX has also secured rights to hold the public sale with a 24-hour priority window for ADAX stakers. Subsequently, the EGO token will also be listed on ADAX DEX V2 and ADAX CEX. In addition to deeper project integration, both parties have agreed on cross-promotion of marketing material and sharing access to their respective networks of partners to facilitate future cooperation and bring our two communities of crypto enthusiasts closer than ever before.

Private Sale is hosting an exclusive private sale from May 25 to June 15. For a chance to participate, please reach out to Subject to availability. Terms & Conditions apply.

About is a fully decentralized creative realm built on the backbone of Plutus smart contracts. Led by a team of artists, art dealers, and DeFi professionals, is harnessing the power of NFT technology to ensure that artists and collectors make the most of their digital assets. Artists can show off their prowess by minting NFTs of their artwork. Collectors can earn rewards from staking their Cardano-based NFT collections. Investors can hedge against short-term price fluctuations in style. Every step of the way towards the ‘Digital Renaissance’ in art, is there to provide professional, 360° degree support for all of your NFT needs.

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