ADAX Signs Strategic Partnership with VyFinance

2 min readSep 15, 2021


VyFinance and ADAX are proud to announce our partnership. This partnership will
help expand the ability for our communities to interact with one another and serve
as tool for each to grow and prosper in the Cardano ecosystem.

VyFinance and ADAX continuing relationship aims for VYFI to host an ADAX/ADA liquidity pool on their platform, and ADAX in return, to host an VYFI/ADA liquidity pool on ADAX. These tools allow users to earn tokens belonging to each project and, help serve as a reminder of the collaboration within the Cardano space to come. Each project is dedicated to building a strong community together and looks forward to future of collaboration and teamwork.


ADAX is a state-of-the-art decentralised exchange built on Cardano. ADAX brings a refreshing take on the traditional DEX and aims to bring a new and exciting experience to its users. For this and many more reasons ADAX is being described by many as the “Uniswap” of Cardano. With a team overflowing with experience and charisma, ADAX is already making waves in the community.


VyFinance is an original interpretation of a DEX, built upon four main pillars. Firstly, a liquidity aggregator (auto harvester) as our top layer (this is where users can come in and without managing their own funds, the auto harvester can do that instead.) Secondly a Neural Net (a program that teaches itself how to perform tasks), in this case be learning how to optimise liquidity over yield farms. Thirdly, a Bar in which a certain percentage of fees from the exchange and part of the farm from the Auto harvester will be distributed to our bar, which are our VYFI holders. Finally, an LMS system to tie it all together, the LMS aims to educate newcomers on how to interact with DEFI successfully and safely, the ultimate goal is for users to engage with the Auto Harvester and eventually gain the essential knowledge to use our more traditional defi tools such pools and farms.

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ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol facilitating trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and non-custodial way.