ADAX DEX v1.0 is LIVE!

It is January 30, and we have just crossed the finish line.

Ever since Cardano captured the imaginations of DeFi experts, its community has been making bets on which Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is to become the Uniswap or PancakeSwap of this ecosystem. As the risk-takers within this race, we are familiar with just how high the stakes for the contenders have been. And that is why we are so enormously proud to announce that this race is about to get very interesting —

ADAX continues to lead by example, making meaningful contributions to the Cardano ecosystem and delivering on long-held promises. Governed by a philosophy of decentralization, utilizes the order-book model to ensure completely non-custodial and censorship-resistant trading. users can now effortlessly execute smart contract-based trades instantly and only at a fraction of the cost of the Ethereum network.

This primary product launch marks a major milestone in our project’s development and reflects the enormous dedication of the team. After six months of arduous work, too many frustrating delays beyond our control, and more cups of coffee than should be humanly possible to consume — we are finally able to provide our vibrant community with an intricate piece of infrastructure that is critical to the long-term prosperity of the Cardano ecosystem.

introduces a number of leading capabilities long demanded by the Cardano community. Based on an order-book model with on-chain swap execution and concentrated liquidity orders, our DEX is substantially different from that of our competitor’s.

Our developers have created a custom PAB solution, utilizing Plutus smart contracts to ensure full decentralization. We are also splitting each order into smaller UTXO’s, which allows us to avoid congestion and abolishes any concurrency related issues. Our UX team has spent countless hours making sure that the user experience on is both intuitive and frictionless. is also in the process of ensuring widespread wallet integration. Already offering full support of , will also aim to swiftly integrate and in the coming days after the initial launch.

Additionally, thanks to our exclusive partnership with, a market sentiment monitoring platform, will offer a revolutionary trading tool, empowering traders to re-calibrate their investments based on early signs of changing ‘social sentiment’. By utilizing the data scraped from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Discord, traders will know exactly which tokens are getting hot and which are cooling down, thus stretching their lead over the competitors even further.

We are enormously grateful to our early testers, whose feedback has been invaluable in our continuous efforts to ensure our product fully meets the needs of the Cardano community.

Throughout our journey, we have been at the same time extremely excited and humbled by the amount of outside support we have received. After an oversubscribed private sale and a tremendously successful IEO on ,

We have also cultivated partnerships with projects like and , and welcomed the backing of some of the most important crypto stakeholders, including , the so-called ‘Bitcoin Jesus’, and , a co-founder of . Most recently, our list of valued relationships has expanded to include , the first multi-functional Cardano Wallet; , a unique DeFi protocol integrating an auto-harvester into the Cardano Chain using their own neural net; , a provider of innovative blockchain telecommunications infrastructure; and , a decentralized oracle within the Cardano ecosystem.

We hope that by continuing to deliver on our promises, we can begin to give back to the enthusiastic Cardano community, which continues to support us throughout our quest to become the most powerful trading hub within the ecosystem.



ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol facilitating trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and non-custodial way.

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ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol facilitating trades within the Cardano ecosystem in a completely decentralized and non-custodial way.